I HAVE A REVELATION!”  (Psalm 19:1-11) “Word of God #3”
FBC Earlville 2-27-11 10:30 AM Rev. Jeremy B. Stopford, Pastor

INTRODUCTION *  Today’s “special”:  “The Parrot”
A lady was walking to work one day.  As she walked by the pet store she noticed a new parrot in the window.  The parrot said to her, “hey lady, you’re ugly!”.  She steamed but walked on to work.
On the way home, as she walked by the pet store, the parrot said, “hey lady, you’re ugly.”  She was really mad now, so she went in and gave the owner a piece of her mind.  The owner apologized and assured her it would never happen again.
The next day, on her way to work, as she walked by the pet store she saw the parrot who said, “hey lady”.
To which she replied, “WHAT!”
To which he replied, “you know.”
One of the first courses I took in Bible School was “Bibliology” – the study of the Bible.  We’ve been learning together in these past weeks about the benefits of the Bible. For the next couple of weeks we’re going to learn about its purposes, and how that affects each one who has ever breathed – even us! * Prayer


Illus.:  Nigel at camp in 1974 – what about God can we learn while
camping?  (or in Maine drinking moxie?)
*  God reveals Himself in 2 basic ways – through GENERAL revelation and through SPECIAL revelation
* What did we see while camping? Ps. 19 tells us:
a.  God’s glory is on display every day (vs. 1,2, see “Message”)
b.  God’s glory is on display throughout the whole earth (vs. 3,4)
QUESTION:  how do the cannibals in deepest Africa hear the truth about God?  Through the display of His creation!
c.  For example, the sun is a daily reminder of God’s glory (vs. 5-6)

2. THEN THE “BOOK” IS IN! (vs. 7-11) – that’s “SPECIAL”!
a.  Look at the different words for the “Word”:
v. 7:  law, testimony v. 8:  statutes; commandments
v. 9:  fear, judgments
b.  Look at the hunger being met through God’s Word!
v. 10:  to be desired more than earth’s riches
sweeter than earth’s finest natural resource, honey
v. 11:  a warning to those serving God
a reward to those keeping His Word!

3.  WHAT’S IT FOR? (Romans 1:19,20)
So that mankind cannot say they have not seen God!

*  Read Hebrews 1:1-2 God now reveals Himself through HIS SON Jesus!
*  First, God whetted our hunger for Him by showing us the
awesomeness of His creation, His handiwork!
*  And then He gave us His Word!
*  And with that, we now have the hunger of our hearts met through the
Lord Jesus, ALONE!
*  So ask yourself…
Has your eternal hunger for God been met through the Cross?
Is your daily hunger for God being met through His Word?
Close in prayer

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