“You Shall Know That I Am the Lord” (Ezekiel 14)

YOU SHALL KNOW THAT I AM THE LORD  (Daniel in Ezekiel 14)

FBC Earlville 9-16-12 10:30 AM  Rev. J.B. Stopford, Pastor 


INTRODUCTION    Today’s “Special”:  “Legal Speeder?”:

A woman was driving down the center of the road at 100 mph. A police officer pulled her over. “License and registration, please.”

“It’s OK, officer, she replied. “I have a special license that allows me to do this.”

“That’s impossible! There is no such license,” said the cop.

The woman reached into her purse and handed him her license.

“This is an ordinary license, Miss. There’s nothing here that would allow you special consideration,” he told her.

She replied: “It says so right here at the bottom: ‘Tear Along The Dotted Line.’”

Lord willing, today and next Sunday we will look at the two references to Daniel which are outside the book of Daniel.  In this first reference, in Ezekiel, we find an interesting phrase which is often addressed to Ezekiel’s hearers:  “you shall know that I am the Lord”.   Let me ask you a question:  are you a Christian Atheist?  Huh?  Well… do you use such phrases as “Jack Frost” and “Mother Nature”, when in reality all of creation is GOD’S handiwork!   You say, “Pastor Jeremy – I know Jesus as my Savior.  Is it possible that my knowledge of Him falls short in being practical?”.  Let’s look at the Scriptures!       PRAYER   



  • Ezekiel refers to 4 different kinds of disaster that God plans on bringing against Israel because of their infidelity to Him:  famine, wild beasts, the sword, and pestilence.  Have we seen such in our recent lifetimes?
  •   Then Ezekiel refers to 3 characters of Biblical history:  Noah, Daniel, and Job – and says their righteousness would deliver only themselves in such national disasters.  What does he mean?
  •   Ezekiel verifies that these men are men of true history:  he marks Genesis (Noah-the Pentateuch) , the Prophets (Daniel), and the Poetical Books (Job) – which incorporates the entire OT – as being historically accurate.  Thus our Daniel was a true character of history
  • These men show that in history, God hungers to be known, and to be known as Lord ALONE.  Let’s think:  Noah (built an ark over 120 year period); Job (remained focused on God’s glory in the midst of trial); Daniel (remained faithful to God as a statesman in a foreign country over a 70 year period).  God is the God of History!
  • APPLICATION:  as we examine our own lives, is God the God of our history?  Or is it easier to simply go on our “gut feelings”, and “that’s the way we’ve always done it”.  Illus.:  In a couple of weeks is our Crown Financial Seminar.  Is your financial history proof that God is Lord of your finances?  Crown will teach us to TRUST!



  • In giving vivid examples of God as the Lord, Ezekiel shows that Noah, Daniel, and Job were “righteous”.  Not that they didn’t SIN, but that over a long period of time they lived RIGHT before God.
  •   What do our lives show before God over a long period of time?



  • See v. 8  “THEN you shall know”
  • Zero in on Daniel:  Ch. 1:  ate food honoring to God, and God honored him; Ch. 2 & 4: trusted God to reveal the dreams, and God honored him.  Over 70 years, God used Daniel to prove that God alone is God


CONCLUSIONIllus.:  Arab vs. Jewish conflict – all over the Middle East there are protests, even in  Israel, against the U.S.    Helpless?  Or is this an opportunity to show that God is the Lord?               PRAYER

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