(HOSEA SERIES #9) FBC Earlville 12-22-13 10:30 AM
Rev. J.B. Stopford, Pastor

Sunday school children were asked to draw their rendition of the Christmas story.
Most of the kids drew manger scenes to include the shepherds, angels, the star, the baby Jesus in the manger as would be expected. Little Jimmy proudly showed his picture of a jetliner. There were 4 distinct faces looking out the windows.
When the Sunday school teacher asked Jimmy to explain the drawing, he said it was the “flight out of Egypt.” He pointed to the one face and said “that is Joseph,” another face was Mary, the little face of course was Jesus.
The teacher asked him who is the face in the front of the plane. Jimmy replied, “It’s Pontius, the pilot, of course.”

It seems neat in the BIG picture of things that in the timing of going through Hosea, we would be at Chapter 11 on the Sunday before Christmas. Neat.
Today we are going to learn how to understand a passage of Scripture in the light of the entirety of Scripture. Make sense? Get ready to go on a trip!

# 1 THE O.T. FOUNDATION (Hosea 11:1ff)
* In order to understand Hos. 11:1, we need to look at Israel’s history
* The Exodus: Ex. 3:7-17, esp. v. 17 Egypt = “affliction”, “misery”
The Son: Ex. 4:22-23 Israel = “the son”
The Battle: Num. 14:1-4 the hunger to return to Egypt/affliction
The Purpose: Num. 15:41 for God to be their God
The Promise: Deut. 4:36-38 the land promise fulfilled
Further illustrations: Solomon marrying Pharaoh’s daughter (good politically, terrible spiritually)
* The Foundation of the prophets: Jer. 2:5-7 that Israel would forget God! See v. 6: “Neither did they say, ‘Where is the Lord, Who brought us up out of the land of Egypt…”
POINT: The OT foundation is that God called His son, Israel, out of affliction (Egypt), and for the rest of its heritage Israel would struggle to lose that identity with Egypt and would hunger for that from which God graciously brought him out.

# 2 THE NT FULFILLMENT (Matthew 2:15)
The Magi following the star to the true King: vs. 1-2 They suspected the
King would be born in Jerusalem, home to earthly Kings. And NOTE: He was to be BORN King, not BECOME King! Note also this is the SAME TITLE that would appear 30 years later over His cross.
* The earthly king is disturbed with truth: vs. 3-4
* The earthly king tells the Magi where the true King is to be born: v. 5, and then the star leads them to Nazareth!
* The Magi meet the young Jesus and worship HIM: v. 11
The Magi give Him gifts. They were expensive, and imply the lesser in importance giving to One they recognize as superior. Presumably were God’s supply for a poor family to finance their travels.
The gifts: gold (fit for a King); frankincense (fit for a priest); and myrrh (a
much-valued spice & perfume used for embalming to fit one for burial- THINK the cross!)
* The exodus TO Egypt: vs. 13-14 Note: the protection for the child; and note the order, v. 14, “the child and his mother” – not a normal order, showing the eternal importance of the Son!
The fulfillment: v. 15 “out of Egypt”/affliction. The King of the Jews, the Savior of the world, is to be identified with the affliction of Egypt which we all know well.

Opposition! The initial one who was most affected by this was JOSEPH as he had to leave his home country for DOING THE RIGHT THING. This is a lesson to us – sometimes opposition comes, not because we’ve done wrong, but because we’ve obediently done what we were supposed to do.
Opposition! It seems that at Christmas time in particular, the true meaning
of Christmas gets at the least, watered down, or at the most, ridiculed.
2 examples: #1 At the annual Christmas program of the Ralph J Osgood Intermediate School in Kings Park, Long Island, at the singing of “Silent Night”, it seems that the chorale director had removed ALL references to Jesus from the song in order not to offend those of other faiths. After the uproar from parents, the school board later issued an apology, saying they, too were offended. #2 The group American Atheists, id’d at “” paid for a billboard in New York City’s Time Square which reads, “Who Needs Christ during Christmas? NOBODY” (and CHRIST is crossed out). We should not be surprised by this, and should expect more of the same in the days ahead!
BUT WHAT IS THE TRUE PRESENT DAY FIT OF HOSEA 11:1? The Lord Jesus becomes one of us, to die for us, that He might be our King to Whom we offer our worship ALONE – so that when we pray to Him we are sure that He knows EXACTLY HOW WE FEEL, because He’s been to Egypt – our misery, our affliction!
Has your Savior been to your Egypt? Trust Him today!


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