“WHO IS WISE?” (Hosea 14)
(HOSEA SERIES #12) FBC Earlville 1-26-14 10:30 AM
Rev. J.B. Stopford, Pastor

Randy the dishwasher repairman was given specific instructions concerning the woman’s two pets.
“The Rottweiler won’t hurt you, even though it looks fierce, but whatever you do, don’t talk to the parrot.”
Randy let himself in and set to work, and the dog just lay quietly on the carpet. But the parrot mocked him mercilessly the whole time.
“Wow, you’re pretty fat,” the bird would say. “Hey, fatso, you couldn’t change the batteries in a flashlight, let alone fix a dishwasher.”
Before long, Randy had had enough. “You know, bird, you think you’re pretty smart for someone with a brain the size of a pea.”
The parrot was silent for a moment, and then, with a gleam in its eye, said, “All right. Get him, Spike.”

We have come to the final chapter of the prophecy of Hosea. We have learned much, we have been challenged with much. Today’s lesson is like the epilogue of a book – the final chapter – where the final lessons are given. We are old pros by now – let’s see how we apply what we’ve learned! The key to the understanding of Chapter 14 is to determine WHO is the one speaking. PRAYER

I. HOSEA speaking , counseling Israel in her repentance: (vs. 1-3)
Return to YHWH [the Lord and Master] your ELOHIM [Judge & Creator] (Names of God Bible)
Speak to God (“take words with you” (NKJV) “tell the Lord you are turning”/repenting)
Say: Forgive. Receive us/accept our prayers-the sacrifices of our lips (v. 2)
Our TRUST isn’t in a foreign nation (Assyria)
Our TRUST isn’t in our own might (horses)
Our TRUST isn’t in our handmade gods
We are as orphans seeking a true Father, an Heavenly Father (v. 3)

II. GOD speaking (vs. 4-7)
I will heal them of their apostasy (v. 4)
My anger has turned away from them
I will love them freely, LIKE:
I will be LIKE the refreshing dew
Israel will be LIKE a blooming lily
LIKE a deep rooted sturdy cedar of Lebanon
LIKE spreading new branches
LIKE a beautiful olive tree
LIKE sweet-smelling, aromatic shrubs of Lebanon (vs. 5-6)

Israel will live under God’s shadow (protection/shade)
Grow LIKE grain
Blossom LIKE grapevines
Famous LIKE wines of Lebanon (v. 7)

III. EPHRAIM speaking (v. 8a)
I will renounce the idols – that which is not the true God

IV. GOD speaking (v. 8b)
I have heard their prayers
I am watching over them
LIKE: I am LIKE a flourishing pine tree
Your fruit comes from Me

CONCLUSION #1 (v. 9)
The WISE: will know these things are true
Those with UNDERSTANDING: will take these things to heart
God’s [YHWH] ways are right
Those who don’t compromise live in His ways
The rebellious will trip over God’s ways – they will die.

Verse 4: His union to me [“I will love them freely”] – the source of my LIFE
The British preacher, commenting on this thought, wrote “The sense hinges upon the word “freely.” This is the glorious, the suitable, the divine way by which love streams from heaven to earth, a spontaneous love flowing forth to those who neither deserved it, purchased it, nor sought after it.”
Verse 8: My union to Him [“from Me is thy fruit found”] – the source of my
In his “Morning and Evening” devotional on this phrase, Pastor Spurgeon wrote, “Our fruit is found from our God as to union… Our fruit comes from God as to spiritual providence… Our fruit comes from God as to wise husbandry. The gardener’s sharp-edged knife promotes the fruitfulness of the tree, by thinning the clusters, and by cutting off superfluous shoots. So is it, Christian, with that pruning which the Lord gives to thee.”
Is God pruning you today?

close in prayer

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