FBC Earlville 3-30-14 10:30 AM Rev. J.B. Stopford, Pastor

INTRODUCTION “A Harp Funny” Back in 1984, a girl named Stephanie played harp on a concert tour with Bobby Womack. Bobby’s friends in high places often invited the whole band out for a night on the town. In Detroit, a friend of his by the name of Samuel Frank who owned a nightclub invited everyone over after a concert. Since they had all their instruments in the tour bus, the crew brought them into the club for an impromptu jam session. Mr. Frank dismissed the DJ for the evening and they played for a club full of dancing fans. Drinks for the band were on the house and a rip-roaring good time was had by all. Exhilarated and a bit tipsy, Stephanie got back on the bus assuming the crew would take care of loading up her harp – and she guessed the crew assumed she’d taken care of it. No one noticed the oversight till the next night, when it was time to go onstage at the next venue. Glancing out at the stage as the house lights went down, her heart sank as she realized what had happened. Bobby saw her dismayed face and asked, “Stephanie, what’s wrong?” “Oh my,” she replied, “I LEFT MY HARP IN SAM FRANK’S DISCO!!”

When you think missions, what first comes to your mind? People going to Africa? What about OUR church missions? What missions do we support (they’re in the bulletin insert)? Are you connected with any of our missionaries? We hope to see Emily Drake while we’re in Sanford, Florida next month. Do you send any of them a letter or email?
Is there anything that each of us can do to make missions personal? PRAYER

Some call these apostles – better, “missionaries of the cross”
Prefaced (v. 39) by “come and see” a PERSON! This is the HEART of missions – the Person, the Lord Jesus!
Here are your first 5 New Testament missionaries:
Andrew (v. 40) 1st priority to tell Simon
Simon (v. 42) rock of faith on the Rock of Ages
Philip (v. 43) – a learner; a discipler
Nathanael (v. 45) – upon personal investigation, he was amazed at our Savior’s Deity
John (vs. 35,37,47)-unnamed that Jesus may be seen! The intimate “disciple whom Jesus loved”
QUESTION #1: Are you a missionary?

#2 BEGINS WITH A MISSION (Matthew 28:18-20)
* POWER Authority in Jesus alone (v. 18)
* PRACTICE Make disciples (v. 19)
* PRESENCE Jesus’ presence (v. 20)

QUESTION #2: Do you have a mission?

#3 MAY BEGIN WITH PERSECUTION (Acts 4:32-36;11:19-26)
ILLUS.: I was told when I was first hired by the City PD that I would be a specialist, and that my “specialty would be “PEO” (parking enforcement officer) God is a specialist, too: taking people out of comfort zone.
God took Barnabas from being famous for encouraging people to his becoming a missionary
* God hungers for “sold-out” disciples

QUESTION #3: Are you “surrendered to Jesus 100%”?

“the Holy Spirit said…” “sent…by the Holy Spirit”. True missions is Spirit-led, not man-led.

QUESTION #4: Would you like to see what God’s Spirit can do with your life?

#5 IS BATHED IN PRAYER (Acts 13:3)
The work of missions is not mechanical, but rather dependent upon “prayer and fasting” (v. 3)
“Nothing of eternal value is done apart from prayer”- so wrote long-time missionary Heath Bobbett

QUESTION #5: What part does prayer have in your mission consciousness?

CONCLUSION: Is missions just for those who can go to the field, or to the rich who can give? NO!
“Far from regretting that all were not Peters and Johns, it is rather a matter to be thankful for, that there were diversities of gifts among the first preachers of the gospel. As a general rule, it is not good when all are leaders. Little men are needed as well as great men; for human nature is one-sided, and little men have their peculiar virtues and gifts, and can do some things better than their more celebrated brethren.” AA Bruce, Training of the Twelve

Are YOU prepared to be used in amazing ways by God?

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