BUT WAIT – THERE’S MORE !!! (Jeremiah 32)

“BUT WAIT – THERE’S MORE !!!” (Jer. 32)
FBC Earlville 9-13-15 10:30 AM Rev. J.B. Stopford, Pastor

Read 32:1-5 For next Sunday, our final message in this series of unique passages in Jeremiah will be from Jer. 45.
About 10 years ago, I went to Cooperstown and for the first time in years had an appointment with a cardiologist. He was fascinated in the story of my open heart surgery. He even looked online to find that not only had my surgeon since passed away, but also that the cardiac unit of the hospital in which he operated was now named in the surgeon’s memory. The date of the surgery was, amazingly, 50 years ago tomorrow: Sept. 14, 1965. Much has happened in those 50 years – much to me! And after every new scene, like the famous infomercial, it could be said, “But wait – there’s more!”. Let’s look at how that applies to our chapter today. PRAYER

# 1 Jeremiah’s in prison, vs. 1-5, and…
The issues with these 5 verses are first, the timing: everything is going great in the nation. There is much prosperity. People are building homes, getting married, having children, starting up businesses. Sounds like USA today?
But second, the unbelief. Jeremiah has prophesied, while times were good, about how the city of Jerusalem and its puppet king was to be destroyed by Babylon.
King Zedekiah throws Jeremiah into prison for his discouraging the people by telling them to surrender to Babylon – for the 70 years that the land will be at rest while they’re in captivity.
Aren’t we living in an age of seeming prosperity? But to share the good news of the cross is considered worthy of national judgment. THAT is the scenario of Jeremiah Chapter 32.

# 2 Jeremiah’s prophesy and purchase, vs. 6-15, and…
While he is in prison, God’s Word comes to him in the form of an advanced notice: his cousin is to arrive at prison with an offer to buy land. Jeremiah is to buy the land – while in prison.
The prophecy comes as Jeremiah had been told. Note v. 10: Jeremiah explains that the “deed of purchase” had both a sealed and an unsealed copy. The purchase was a promise by God that 70 years from now, the land will once again prosper. It also was a sign of the believer: the sealed copy is like the guarantee of the Holy Spirit, that what God has done in the heart He will fulfill in Heaven. And the unsealed copy is like the believer showing daily outward evidence that he belongs to the Lord Jesus!

#3 Jeremiah’s review of God’s program, vs. 16-25, and…
Jeremiah prays, “Nothing is too hard for You” (v. 17). Jeremiah marvels at the hope, the promise one has in a personal living God! He marvels that, although everything is starting to look absolutely hopeless with the Babylonians surrounding the city – and food soon to be scarce, and atrocities occurring, and ultimate captivity – God has given Jeremiah assurance that one day this will be over and the land will once again be settled.

#4 God’s question of Jeremiah’s review, vs. 26-41, and…
* Look at v. 26! God takes Jeremiah’s prayer and forms it into a questioning inquiry of Jeremiah’s faith, “IS anything too hard for Me?”.
* In other words, did Jeremiah really believe what he was praying?
* Look at vs. 34-35: God reviews the atrocities and idolatry of the land. Yet He says, vs. 38-41, after the captivity for their atrocities, I’ll bring them home!
* Do we really believe the promises of God?
* Do we really believe that what God says is true?

#5 God’s new promise, vs. 42-44
* Look at v. 44 “I will restore…”
* God loves to commune with His people! Like with Israel of old, He loves to restore His broken people back to a sweet relationship with Him. And He can do that with any child of His who has set his or her affections on anything other than the Lord Himself.

Today’s application is a simple one. While Jeremiah 32 was purposefully designed for the land of Judah many years ago, its heart reaches to where each of us sits this morning.
Matthew 11:28 says, “Come unto Me all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” It is an invitation to all who have never considered that Jesus Christ alone is worthy of our eternal, much less our daily trust. The cross shouts out His love for us today.
And 1 John 1:9 says, “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” This verse is a promise we often take for granted – but it is shouting out to those of us who love Jesus but have been too busy for Him, “Here I am. Come back to the cross. Come back to My fellowship through the same way you first did – through the blood. Trust Me. Walk with Me. Set Me first.”
The rest of our lives lived for His glory, and eternity enjoyed in His Home!
Close in prayer

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