“REVIVE US AGAIN !” (Psalms 85 & 87)

“REVIVE US AGAIN !” (Psalms 85 & 87)
FBC Earlville 12-4-16 10:30 AM
Rev. J.B. Stopford, Pastor

TODAY’S FUNNY “Mood Swing” When Charlie was a boy, his mother wore a mood ring.
When she was in a good mood, it turned blue.
When she was in a bad mood, it left a big red mark on Charlie’s forehead.

INTRODUCTION: Next week we will finish our studies in the “Sons of Korah” psalms with Psalm 88 – the prayer that has no answer. Today we will combine psalms 85 and 87 together (you’ll notice that Psalm 86 was written by King David). These 2 psalms are quite timely, especially in light of our completed national election. What would you say to the president-elect to encourage him in how he should lead our nation? What would you say to yourself how you could be an instrument of a nation which is God centered? Look at 85:9 and 87:1,2, 7. Is this our heart for the USA? PRAYER

(a registered trademark of WHAT soft drink? Coca Cola! But GOD thought of it first!)
Note “Selah” at the end of v. 2. What are we to stop and pause and think about?
Note “You” – the psalmist is reviewing what God has done – presumably since the psalm was written after one of the captivities of the land.
As if he were saying to God, “I remember what You did!
So – if you were to review your life, where would God “fit in”; OR would He be the center of your life?

If you were to pray for our nation, how would you pray? For what would you pray?
The psalmist prays for Israel: for restoration, for a ceasing of God’s displeasure and anger.
Note the use of “generations” (v. 5) – the psalmist is thinking about the next generation after him? Do we? OR do we simply care for ourselves and our making ends meet?
Note the complete hope, reliance upon the Lord’s forgiveness
Important: you can’t have true reliance upon God without first dealing with personal sin! 1 John 1:5-10

“Revive” (v. 6) is a resurrection! It is bringing life again from the dead! What should be the elements of a national resurrection? Or even of our resurrection?
(1) “I will remember what God once did” (vs. 1-3)
(2) “I will listen to What God says” (v. 8) Are we people of the Book every day, or just on Sunday?
(3) “I will see the harvest when my life is filled with love, faithfulness, righteousness, and peace” (vs. 10-13, esp. vs. 12-13)

2 final key words:
#1 “foundation” (87:1) – what is the foundation of your life? Money? Family? Church? OR the Lord Jesus?
#2 “fountains” (87:7) – where is the joy of your life? As our foundation is daily found in the Lord, what will happen? LOOK AT 87:6: “this one was born there” – or better, “this one is a faithful follower of the Lord Jesus at First Baptist, Earlville”!

Close in prayer

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