“WHAT’S IN YOUR WALLET? God Owns It!” (Psalm 50)

Part 1: God Owns It !
Psalm 50 January 14, 2018
Rev. Jeremy B. Stopford, Pastor

A guy goes into a fancy lounge wearing a shirt open at the collar, but the bouncer tells him he needs a necktie to get in.
The guy doesn’t have a necktie handy, so goes out to his car and gets his jumper cables. He ties these around his neck, manages to fashion a fairly acceptable looking knot, and lets the ends dangle free.
He goes back to the lounge. The bouncer looks him up and down and then says, “Well, okay, I guess you can come in. Just don’t start anything.”

INTRODUCTION Today we are going to do something we haven’t done in 7 years. We are going to get involved in a sermon series that I am told we don’t need. And we’re not only going to do it today – why we’re going to do it for the rest of this month? The Series is “Stewardship” – how under God’s Lordship we take care of what God wisely entrusts us with. And I’m told we don’t need it BECAUSE our church finances are good! But it is always good to be reminded how to have a godly oversight over everything God entrusts us with. So, with apologies to a certain credit card commercial, the series is entitled, “What’s In Your Wallet?”. Let’s ask God’s blessings upon these moments we share together in His Word.

#1 God owns us by purchase (Psalm 50:5)
A. His provision is always an offer, not a demand
B. His provision cost Him everything that is precious to Him: His own Son
C. His purchase is by sacrifice – not by ritual, nor by man-made appeasements
D. His purchase is with His choice price (1 Cor. 6:19-20)

#2 God owns everything (Psalm 50:10)
A. The argument in this psalm is one in which the people were making excuses – and God says, “no excuse, I own it all”
B. And IF God owns it all, what is to be their – and our – response?
Total worship AND total surrender to His Lordship!

If God owns us by purchase, and He owns everything, what do we do with that truth today?
What we do is the foundation of proper stewardship before Him.
Our choices are simple:
1. Recognize God’s purchase agreement: the cross
2. Acknowledge His ownership of EVERYTHING we have
3. THE GREAT SPIRITUAL DE-CLUTTERER: Keep only those things which honor Him; get rid of those which do not.

close in prayer

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